Go to the Downloads Page and select the latest version of the package gmailclientcxx. Select libgmailclientcxx-x.y.tar.gz


I compiled LibGMailClientCXX using gcc 4.2.4, but it will probably build with earlier versions or other compilers. Tell me if you have any problems. The build requires GNUMake.

LibGMailClientCXX depends on libcurl. To build LibGMailClientCXX you will need the libcurl development files (Can be downloaded from libcurl download page, or debian package libcurl3-dev, libcurl4-gnutls-dev, or libcurl4-openssl-dev).

Building and Installing

Extract the tar.gz file. To extract tar archives use can the following command:

$ tar zxf libgmailclientcxx-0.3.tar.gz

This should create a directory called libgmailclientcxx-x.y. cd into that directory. Run

$ ./configure

This will cause it to be installed under /usr/local. If you prefer /usr, do

$ ./configure --prefix=/usr

Now do

$ make

to build the library, and, as root,

# make install

to install the shared library and headers.

Compiling programs with LibGMailClientCXX

You can include all the necessary header files with

#include <libgmailclientcxx/allheaders.hpp>

All of the classes are part of the namespace libgmailclientcxx.
Programs should link with `libgmailclientcxx`
For example, to compile
googlesocket.cpp with gcc, you could run:

g++ -lgmailclientcxx -o ~/bin/googlesocket googlesocket.cpp

Using the API

See the Tutorial for an introduction to using LibGMailClientCXX. You can also find examples for almost all features of the library in the Example Programs. Most API features are documented with Doxygen. If you have a question not answered there you can contact me about it. Logo Valid XHTML 1.1